Foraging the Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot Flower Head

The wild carrot is one of the most common edible wild plants. They can be found in meadows, vacant lots and anywhere else that remains unmowed over the summer months. The leaves and stems look identical to a regular carrot … Continue reading →

Mayapple Foraging and an 8 Mile Hike


We have been super-busy this spring…. between work, graduations and relatives popping into town…. we haven’t had the spare time to do anything other than get the garden put in. This year on Father’s day, one of the older dads … Continue reading →

Foraging Lambsquarters


Odds are if you live in an area that is anything other than desert you probably have Lambsquarters growing nearby. It grows commonly in freshly tilled soil and is one of the toughest plants to keep from growing wild in … Continue reading →