Gap Concept

Gap Concept

I figured the only way to explain the scenario of two use virtually the same words, would be to compare and contrast. I am referring to the gap concept in poker.

At all times in life we strive to fill in the blank spaces between perception and reality. This is so true especially in large sum of money poker. In trying to make our clients play a more rational and systematic game, we may run into difficult conceptualization like that of gap concept in poker.

While it is difficult to put a lot of thought into the Gap Concept, once the concepts are understood by staff and players alike, we will be able to tell where the opponents are likely to be tipping their hands and what they are waiting for.

At every level of pokerace99 game you want to have a gap concept. You will be able to tell by the names the gap concept, gap concept advertising, and gaps in poker. Even as a new player you need to get aware of the gap concept presented by name.

It is quite easy to get lost in the gap concept. It is also very easy to get fooled by others. While, you should always pay attention to cards on board, you should be particularly aware of gap concept. The two concepts do not always coincide and can prove to be an enormous weapon against you.

To help understand the gap concept one can look at the analysis of two different players about to play heads up.

In a table selection where gap is relatively small, it is difficult to stop players from looking out for a single or two card flop. This is especially true for the inexperienced player. Looking for a gap could be easily explained by the fact that the number of cards delivered is relatively less. The novice player is more likely to call in the absence of a better hand, than to fold when facing heavy fire.

In a table with high flop multi-way, it is particularly important to be aware of gap. If you are able to determine that your opponents have tight pairs, it might be wise to bypass connecting cards due to the possibility of pre-flop limping, and choosing to go for small pairs and perhaps draws in hopes of getting out of the hand unscathed.

Not all flops are formed equally, and expert poker players can make guesses at what cards others might have based on the probability of certain cards being drawn. While the gap concept is a formidable weapon in poker, you can’t be sure you’ll be successful in using it effectively. That’s part of the fun of facing stubborn players – they’re truly Hardways.

Losing a large pot in one of the worst kinds of suckouts, when you consider the circumstances, has a lot to do with the gap concept. Phil Helmuth, in Play Poker Like the Pros recommends not going on tilt after a loss, but instead reaching out to your fellow players and slowly and gently need ingly hand off the reins to them. The gap concept, in short, is a brand of untary Mystery Method that’s intended to keep you on the right path by veiling the reality of the situation underneath a thin veneer of bluffing. Use the veneer wisely.