Here’s a quick photo review of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 pack. We try to give a photo review of any new products that we get so our readers can get a better look at an item before they purchase it. Most retail websites just give one or two views and it’s not really enough to show any detail. Keep in mind that our photo reviews are exactly what they are, a photo review, and they’re usually not an endorsement of any kind. We reserve the product endorsements for products and services that we can actually test.

Here’s the pack:


The color is 5.11’s Flat Dark Earth, sometimes abbreviated to FDE. Dimensions from the 5.11 website are 23″ tall x 15″ wide x 8″ front to back.

One thing I should mention is that the Rush 72 is quite a bit heavier than most other packs this size. That wasn’t a surprise though, since the fabric used is much thicker plus the added weight of the zippers and MOLLE webbing all add up.

The following photos show the backpack internals, from front to back:


The photo above is showing the hydration bladder pocket and the removable frame which is a rigid sheet of plastic.

There are 2 vertical side pockets, one on each side of the pack.

Here’s a shot of the beefy carry handle. There is a hydration tube slot on either side of this handle under the velcro tabs. Notice the double stitching around all of the zippers. The double stitching can be found along the zippers, the MOLLE webbing and other stress points. Single stitching is used every where else.



I give this pack 4.5 out of 5 stars for quality and the appearance of ruggedness. This particular pack is manufactured in Vietnam.

I’m not real impressed with the weight of this pack. The weight difference between my current pack and the Rush 72 is very noticable… I didn’t verify this but it almost felt like the empty Rush pack weighed the same as my Cirque 30 does when it’s packed (without the Ontario SpecPlus SP8).

Organization is the definitely the theme of this 5.11 pack. I use a minimal amount of MOLLE gear on my belt now but this pack does give the option of attaching more to outside the pack. If you are a MOLLE addict, you will probably love this pack..

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