This is a quick photo review of the Weston Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker. It includes some close-up photos along with some of our thoughts.

This machine is designed to separate the pulp and juice from the rest of the tomato (or fruit) and direct the “good stuff” through a strainer and into a bowl while the seeds and rind are ejected out the front of the cone. This is the basic model that comes with the single strainer. Roma offers an upgrade with several strainers for fruits and berries. They also have a motor attachment if you don’t want to crank by hand.

We ordered our basic strainer through Amazon (link below) and it arrived in 3 days via UPS. This is what the package included:


It was nicely packaged. All items were accounted for and each piece is packaged neatly into it’s own bag. Word of caution: keep an eye open for the small parts!

The parts appear to be durable and well-made. The only part that gave us any trouble when we installed it was the clear plastic cone that fits on the front of the strainer. It seems a little weak and could possibly crack if overtightened.

As you can see below that the main housing unit is also the stand. It is polished aluminum and the manufacturer did an excellent job of machining and polishing. I could spot no flaws at all. We have a Weston cereal mill that looks very rough but this piece is very nice.



You can see in the photos above that the stand has a suction cup anchoring system. I’ve read a few individual reviews that mentioned that this method doesn’t work very well. I had no problems with it. In fact, the counter that it’s shown on above has a slight texture to it and the stand is solidly attached. The included C-clamp could be used if the suction mount doesn’t work.

We used one of these strainers last summer with outstanding results. Prior to getting our strainer, we used the old-school method of boiling and peeling the tomatoes. This machine turned a 4 hour chore into a quick 1/2 hour task. The suction cup did just fine… it held tight while cranking through a bushel of tomatoes. I will never go back to the old way of processing tomatoes as long as one of these is available!

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