We’re reformatting our EDC gear to eliminate some redundancy and to be compatible with the rest of our personal gear. It was time to retire the “butt-ugly”,soft-sided brief case that I was using in favor of a smaller bag that could be carried on the shoulder or worn as a buttpack. We looked at Maxpedition gear first….very, very nice stuff but the Proteus and Octa were too small for our needs and the Sabrecat was just too expensive. After being let down by the quality of a couple of Condor’s MOLLE bags, we took a look at the VooDoo Enlarged Deployment Bag and decided to purchase one.

Voodoo New Enlarged 3 Way Deployment Bag OD

Main Features:

The VooDoo bag has double stitching everywhere with X-stitching at most of the stress points. The bag has a generously sized main compartment, a smaller front compartment and side pouches on each end. There aren’t many pockets or dividers inside any part of this bag. There is only one mesh pocket inside the main section and a divider with 2 pockets inside the front compartment (see photo).







  • Approximate dimensions: 15”L x 6”D x 7½”T
  • There is a rubberized lining in all compartments.
  • The self-repairing zippers are large, quiet and operate smoothly.
  • The shoulder strap is not padded. The snap hooks and D-rings are metal.
  • There is one row of ALICE/MOLLE attachment points on the front and on each end.
  • The five MOLLE attachment straps on the rear of the bag are of excellent quality. They have metal snaps and are properly stitched.
  • The bag has a reinforced top carry handle that has been shaped to be comfortable in the hand. The carry handle is also an adjustable cinch and has 2 quick release buckles. VooDoo has molded their logo onto these buckles which is kind of an impressive detail IMO.


My thoughts:
I really like this bag! This is the first VooDoo product that I’ve been able to inspect. The overall construction of this bag rivals any manufactured today. Some consider VooDoo to be an inferior quality product. I disagree. Judging by the quality of this bag, it’s clear that they are serious about offering a top-notch product at an affordable price. If I had to guess, I’d say that they’ve reduced their costs by not installing all of the internal pockets and other gizmos that the more expensive bags offer,

The material is not specified on their website. I suspect it to be 600 or 900 denier poly. It is not as stiff as Maxpedition. Voodoo states this bag will hold 25% more gear than standard sized deployment bags but it seems larger than that to me. There is plenty of room for EDC items as well as a full size handgun. A G17 will fit and can still be easily drawn without getting snagged on any parts of the bag. You also have the option of carrying a first aid kit (IFAK) inside the bag or on the outside attachment points. The same goes for a 2-way radio or scanner.

The larger end pouches will easily carry a set of compact binoculars or work gloves, which is a task that the Maxpedition or Condor versions have trouble doing.

As a buttpack, it’s 15″ wide and about as large as I would want a buttpack to be. When worn on the belt it’s not too tall to be worn with a 3-day pack.

In a nutshell: This is a well made and very versatile bag.

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