How to Beat the Game

How to Beat the Game

Texas Hold ‘Embe warned: this article will contain a lot of information, but it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s a lot more complicated than you might initially think, but once you are light headed with understanding this game (and you will be if you read this), you will be a better poker player.Schedule:Texas Hold ‘EmBe sure to read the information in the first paragraph. Most people ask, “What time system should I use?” The answer is: it doesn’t matter. Use whatever system is most comfortable for you, but the most important is to play your cards well, and to do that you need to study.

When you have time, and play free poker on-line, you will notice that most of the top on-line players study. Why? Because studying will make them better. You can also get books or course credits from the on-line gaming institutions, but nothing compares to study and practice. You can try to make money by playing Sit and Go tournament games and then you will see what I mean. They will all teach you, but you will not be ready to win until you start studying your own game and finding out mistakes in your own strategies and then in your playing style.

I know that you are asking, “Why is studying so important? I am just going to get my usual, boring, nothing to get excited about, play-money generation, twenty-two hour work week, grind-it-out income hole-ager!” Great question! Exactly. Exactly.

Prosecutors in Vegas may be offering life sentences for gangsters who use illicit cross-county devices, but we are failing to uphold the same logic for card counting. Counters may be able to claim they have a legal advantage, but they can never be deemed to have earned a living at blackjack. To earn a living from pokerrepublik you will need to be in possession of a working strategy, and the ability to learn from other successful individuals who have written books or articles on the subject.

There is one exception to this rule: the author of any given book or article has a vested interested in the subject, so he or she will tell you what to learn. If you do not learn, you will fail. So, whether you buy a book or take instruction from an expert, the book will not teach you everything, but the intention is always to teach. You want to earn money, but you want to earn it by following a plan that also takes care of your wallet.

There are free blackjack strategies online and in the literature, but they require a lot of work and for most people, it just isn’t worth it. With the advent of on-line casinos, most of the traditional brick and mortar casinos are on a computer, Internet or both, and they all offer the same game.

Take a few moments to think about what I said, because you will read articles about card counting soon. There are many theories as to how to beat the game, and nearly all of them are right.

Now that you understand more about the theory and practice of counting cards, let me tell you that card counting is NOT illegal. In fact, Nevada, Las Vegas and other cities around the world view card counting as perfectly legal, and this is the reason that 75% of card counters win.

Your skill and knowledge are crucial to your success as a card counter, but also you must humanize the act of counting cards. I believe the best way to do this is to get a good understanding of the game, so that you can play blackjack with almost perfect discipline. You must learn the details of a game that many more people than average have played, and that means you will find some fascinating material out there on the web, in the books, and in the live dealers.

After all, you can’t argue with some knowledge! If you can learn how to count cards in perfect discipline, then you can go a long way in showing that you truly have a good knowledge of the game. But whether you are at a casino gambling in Nevada or at home in your bed, card counting is seldom going to help you out.

In the end, counting cards is not for the convinced. If you knew the methodologies of a card counter, you would in no way be able to carry out your task. You cannot count cards to gain a psychological advantage; the casino can predict the cards coming out of the shoe and lock up the dealer if they know the system. They can move quickly to thin the population of the casino deck and keep other players guessing as to what cards they have.

Card counting is useless for the player unless you play perfect basic strategy, which can only be learned after years of practice, and perfect discipline.