How to Become a Salesier in 4 Simple Steps

How to Become a Salesier in 4 Simple Steps

securityandselfreliance – The mistake a lot of people make in retailing is that they assume that simply because they have great ordering skills, that they will be able to make a go of becoming a salesman. The truth of the matter is that YOU must be able to sell, to win orders, for your shop to survive. While some people are born with your individual gift, for others of you lucky enough to be born with some innate ability, there is a pre- 1700’s way of becoming a skilled salesman, and as a result, a method of selling which has worked better for more people than any other method.

Here are the 4amental steps to becoming a better salesman, if you are to become a top performer in sales, in your role as a shop floor salesperson.

  1. Have High Sincere Motivation

There is nothing worse than having the effort of someone who lacks the will and motivation to get things done. If you are not willing to work for your success, and desire to succeed, than you can never expect to. This is no different than acting, and having no understandable reason for scoring a goal (pokerclub88) in your business.

Every major successful person, and especially the high winners, have such a high desire to succeed, that they will make the move to overcome and succeed. You must first have a true desire to achieve, for all of your attempts to before you. You must change your beliefs in this regard.

  1. Have the Right Attitude

I could almost write a complete book on sales and attitude alone, but believe me when I say that attitude has a lot. I read dozens of books on the subject, but one phrase which sums up the idea of attitude better than anything, is the phrase: “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

In the world of retail, we need to give our time to everyone who comes within sight. You must able to be someone whom the customers will identify you with, because there is no doubt about it, when they come to do business with you, the fastest way for you to close the sale, is to be able to “act like you were the customer”.

You cannot “act like you were the customer”, if you have never dealt with them before. And if you are not able to make yourself the customer, then you will not be able to close the sale, as you will face resistance from your potential supplier (much like they wished to come over and talk to you).

  1. Have the Right Attitude About Special anything

Once you have the right attitude about the abilities and requirements of your role in life, there will no doubt be no shortage of items you can sell your shop. You already know that you can sell mobile phones, televisions, laptops, systems, and the like, which means, you can sell many more items. Big beaters, like cars, are a definite go of the by-product, but, guess what, you can still sell your shop products.

You just have to understand how to bring the case in a much different format (to make it more interesting), from your shop, and demonstrate how it “works” for others (that you know working for you)

  1. Have Everything in Done

The inspiration for everything is to make it better in your business, and providing you make a toll of effort in the first 2 steps, you will be well on your way to becoming a profitable salesman, in any industry ever.

Anytime you think that you have nothing to offer, try to convince yourself that there is always something to sell that the customer may not know about, and there is always a point somewhere you can go to improve your sales. Your attitude and approach is what will make this all happen, so even if you are not quite sure about a particular product with this you can always raise the conversation to “the point”…