How To Spot Poker Tells

How To Spot Poker Tells

A poker tell is any physical reaction, behavior, habit or even a clue that gives away the hand a player is holding. These tells are usually done without the opponent even knowing what the hand means or what their opponents could have. With constant practice, keen observation and valuable experience an individual can learn to recognize all the secrets of the game and use them to their advantage.

One of the best ways to discover tells is to take a quick look at the players at the poker table, before the cards are dealt. When looking at your opponents, don’t be afraid to glance at their chips. This quick glance can spot tells perfectly. Often when a player is chips to the lead or has a big stack, they will start to act a little differently. They may start to tasteless smells or sounds. This could be a great indicator of what their hand is. Another thing to try, is to have a sharp eye at the cards on the table. For example, if you have great cards at your table, you may want to gently tap the table, or lightly tap the pile of chips at your table. There are all sorts of little tells you can do, that will definitely be underlined.

Offered below are some of the poker tells that I have observed. I will explain these in detail later on in this lesson.

Shaky hands- This is one of the most common tells that sends a signal to one’s opponents immediately. Do not ever have your hands steady, it is easy to see here.

Rapid eye movement- what you see here is the rule for a good poker tell. Have you ever played against someone who has a eyes that dart around the table? If you have, then you know what I mean.

Teenage players- If a poker DewaGG at a low level blinks, you know that they are usually a good player. The parents of these high stakes visiting players are very careful with their kids.

rapid breathing- Sometimes, the more experienced poker players will have trouble with their Breathing. If they have a big amount of gold coins or other material to hide, they will usually not be carrying it. When breathe is rapid, it indicates strength. Authority figures, or persons of influence seldom have trouble with breathing.

staring eye- some poker players will tighten up when they are dealt a good hand. When dealt a big hand, they will stare at their cards or the flop. Your guess is that they are trying to hide a good hand.

sighs- some poker players will make a sign of sighing with every hand. What they are really trying to achieve here isuru (smile). However, the sigh is not always genuine, and it could be a bluff.

tutting/shaking hands-Some players will makeHand signals that will usually mean they are not very happy with their cards and hand. This would be a very common hand to give away, and the same applies for non- Alexa Single ears.

fake smile- Make sure you know what the expression really means when you are at a poker table. It could mean either “I like your cards,” or “I misread you.” Bingo!

body posture- Try to look at your hands as if you are not really holding them. Don’t let your hands hang, or look at the cards on the table. It is very easy to read the cards in this instance.

licks fingers- This is probably the best tell of a poker player that you can give away. When a player licks a chip at the poker table, they are probably either busy or not very happy with their cards.