How to Win at Online Poker

How to Win at Online Poker

What do most successful poker players have in common?

a. They know the statistical odds in real time.
b. They have unlimited bankroll and never go on tilt.
c. They execute proper bankroll management with discipline.
d. They know the “tells” of the other players at the table.
e. They know to disguise their betting habits for being a less obvious form of telling.
f. They know to use their table position to their advantage.
g. They know the odds to play a certain hand.
h. They have a clear understanding of their opponents’ motivations.
i. They have a vocabulary that they use when bluffing, trapping, misreading, etc.

The above statements may seem rather grandiose in nature, but if you compiled a list of the ten things you believe to be true about poker, would you not think that you were a unbeatable poker player?

You are likely like many other men and women who enjoy gambling, to have gone out and tried to learn how to win at online poker, or to have made an unsuccessful attempt at winning. Whether you believe you can win or you believe you can lose at online poker depends largely on your goals and your attitude. Like Opportunity Cost in Blackjack, we must be willing to consider our chances of winning or losing, and then make an assessment decision based on those results.

But another poker player, regardless of his/her experience with the game, will tell you that learning how to win at online poker is just like learning any other skill. You will master the material you learn over time, as you play more and more. The fifty-cent word, adage that seems to be the catch-phrase for online poker players, is really no more than a code word for, “Learn it, practice it, and mastery will come”.

Hit the Jackpot

Once you learn how to win at online poker, and you have the bankroll to support your consistent play, you will start to take down the jackpot. When I say I will take down the jackpot, I am speaking realistically. You will not win every game or every hour or even every session. But, with the right attitude and the right bankroll, you will be a force to be reckoned with at the online poker tables.

If you are not ready to go all-in with every hand, you do not have to. You can slow play, bluff, and play some hands conservatively. And there are times that you can let your tournament ride, if the odds and the situation warrant it. However, you do not have to be consistent and go all-in in every hand.

Doubling your bankroll

As with any new venture that offers potential profit, you double your bankroll after a reasonable amount of time on the site, perhaps as little as a few days. When you have doubled the amount of money from your initial deposit, you can feel free to move up in limits.

It is also a good idea to join some poker forums beforehand and learn from others, whether it is in regards to specific playing styles, bankroll management, or even just the general idea of making money playing poker. You will be able to pick up some great tips, tricks, and hints from others that will likely be beneficial to you.

Don’t be afraid to learn

Many aspiring poker players are afraid to ask questions of experts and other players who may have been playing the game for years. However, if you do not learn, you will never get better. Everything can be learned, if you will take the time to sit down and take the time to learn. Also, if you do not question why you lose a hand or why you execute a certain strategy, you may never discover the optimal strategy for you.

You can also find additional articles on online pokerbo with lots of different questions answered on the subjects of betting, playing, bankroll management, and more. It is advisable for players to read up on the game moves given in the articles they choose to follow. Select a few of these and start trying your hand at some real money tables today. Have fun!