Wood Fire Kettle Cooking

The weather here has turned cool now. Cool enough to actually enjoy a campfire. The wife and I had a day’s worth of outdoor work to last weekend so we decided to use some of our garden’s remnants to cook … Continue reading →

Jerusalem Artichoke Harvesting and Replanting

Jerusalem artichokes are one of our best perennial producers. Wild “sunchokes” are also relatively abundant in the wild around here. They make a fantastic food source for emergencies or even in your regular diet. It’s early-October and our Jerusalem artichokes … Continue reading →

What Does SHTF Mean To You?

SHTF….. We all know what that stands for but have you really thought about what that means to you?  Does it mean a short-term disruption in our lives or does it mean something larger and longer lasting? Or both?  Everyone … Continue reading →

Purslane Foraging

Purslane is a common Midwestern plant that is generally considered to be a weed in the US. In Europe however, it’s intentionally grown and harvested for it’s taste and nutritional value.Purslane is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A,B … Continue reading →