Odds are if you live in an area that is anything other than desert you probably have Lambsquarters growing nearby. It grows commonly in freshly tilled soil and is one of the toughest plants to keep from growing wild in the crops or your garden. Lambsquarters is a cousin to spinach and can be eaten raw or cooked. An excellent source for Vitamins A & C and calcium.

Lambsquarters can grow 3-4 feet in height. Late in the summer the plant may have clusters of small green seed pods. They can be found in sun or shade along fencelines, bushes or buildings. Mature plants will have tough lower stems and leaves. It’s best to just eat the tender young plants or only the tops of the mature plants. The leaf should be webbed like a “goosefoot” (which is another common name for this plant) and will most likely have a powdery white appearance near the stem. When harvesting, crush the leaves between your fingers, there should be no foul odor. The photos below show a new plant and a mature plant (bottom photo).



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