Purslane is a common Midwestern plant that is generally considered to be a weed in the US. In Europe however, it’s intentionally grown and harvested for it’s taste and nutritional value.Purslane is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A,B and C (source).

It is delicious raw. It is plump with water and can actually be a refreshing treat while working in the garden or out on the trail. There are also several recipes available online ranging from salads to stir-fry meals that use purslane.

Purslane can be found anywhere that crabgrass grows. Vacant lots and flower gardens are prime locations. I’ve even seen it growing between sidewalk and driveway cracks. With some practice, you should be able to spot this plant in many places. It can be easily identified by it’s smooth, rounded, all green leaves and thick stems that are usually a reddish tint.

This purslane was growing in our garden. This purslane plant is almost 8 inches tall. My wife had already pulled several of them not knowing that they were edible. We ate this plant shortly after this photo was taken.


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