Cargo Van Conversion Project: Part One

Part One of what I hope will be a series covering the conversion of a standard-issue cargo van into an emergency / RV type-vehicle.  The project will tentatively be named the “Cargo Van Conversion” for now I guess.  It’s true … Continue reading →

Choosing and Storing Bulk Salt

Salt storage is one of those less-than-glamorous topics for a preparedness blog but there’s no denying how useful and necessary salt is. Food grade salt is a combination of the elements Sodium and Chloride or NaCL. These two elements play … Continue reading →

Weston Grain Mill Set-Up and Trial Run

We’ve been wanting to try an inexpensive hand-cranked grain mill on some of our stored grains and beans. We don’t store wheat and we don’t use much flour. We do store beans, rice and rolled oats however and we’re learning … Continue reading →

Amateur Ham Radio: What’s In It For You?

Emergency communications is one of the hottest topics on preparedness websites. There is no shortage of online information about CB, GMRS, MURS and Amateur Radio. You will even find quite a few communications articles in this blog’s archives. I have … Continue reading →

Our Pandemic Preps

You just never know when a virus will turn into a pandemic ….  watching the infectious disease news feeds at can give us some advance notice but that still may not be enough time to gather the items we … Continue reading →

5.11 Rush 72 MOLLE Pack Review

Here’s a quick photo review of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 pack. We try to give a photo review of any new products that we get so our readers can get a better look at an item before they purchase … Continue reading →