A Poker Education is Key to Success

A Poker Education is Key to Success

Freerolls, bonuses, promotions – they’re all advertising for players to come to their site and play in their freeroll tournaments. But do you know what they do with the players who go directly to the paid sites?

They immediately resets their players’ bankroll to zero.

Why? Because they’ve busted their players’ banks with these freerolls. In other words, they’ve created a huge bubble that these players never escape from, at least not a profitable one.

This is despite the fact that some of these poker rooms are doing everything in their power to make it as difficult as possible to win a tournament on their site. They constantly offer freerolls – promotional events – along with the chance to earn points towards entry into bigger, more valuable tournaments. While at other sites you might pay a small fee and take a few dollars to play in a freeroll.

Some of the worst places to play are where freerolls are offered, because the poker rooms know that the players who go to these areas to play in these freerolls are much weaker than those who play in the paid tournaments. This is why they offer them, and this is why you’ll never see any profitable, earning player going to a freeroll area to play in one of these.

If you want to learn poker, you’ll never have a better experience than from the table games. Show the others you’ve got some skill by playing in the backgammon, or try playing in the video games. But don’t let others tell you that you can’t consistently win in these and they’ll try to bully you into a corner with ridiculous myths and demands that make you doubt your own skills and decision making abilities.

So, stand up for yourself and do not be afraid to make an assertive defended hand when you know you’re holding a strong hand.

If you’re bright red, raise the pot and try to steal the blinds. If you’re in the blinds, make a few unauthorized raises to try to force other players to play for their money. This will make you the pot leader and, if they have already made a mistake, they’ll most likely fold.

You know you’re playing well and you’re the only player in the game to make a pre-flop raise. It’s time to make a move to try to double up your stack. If you’re up against better hands that still don’t have much, throw in the odd raise and you might get a few to fold, giving you a very strong doubled pot hand.

Of course this move is only recommended for players who are usually tight or players who have a tight image. If you’re playing as a loose player, you probably will not want to try this move. It’s also not recommended for players who like to make big moves or players who like to gamble. Tight players looking to make a big steal pre-flop won’t usually worry about their hand being saved by a better hand and will either call right to the river or attempt to make a big raise to steal the blinds.

This MPO500 strategy is also not recommended for players who are bad at finding a hand to play and players who like to gamble. Their fast calling stations will likely call you to the river, but a good hand, and a monster, they will likely turn it over. If you gamble and lose, you don’t want to throw away money on a big raise, but if you made a decent hand you want to try to get some more money in the pot before you go betting your hand.

This goes same with recreational players. Every once in awhile you’ll run into a player who won’t stop betting his decent hands. He’ll continue to call, raise, and bluff, so you need to know when to run away and save your chips. The point of running into a player like this, in his third re-raise after you’ve made a healthy bet, is that either you have absolutely nothing and you should fold, or you’re beat and should save your chips for another hand. The player you want to avoid is a loose player who’s easy to tame.

Now for some reading: the last sentence there is a semi-bluff. A loose player is hard to determine whether or not he has a monster, and in many cases there is no way to be sure. With a tight image, however, you can tell a lot just by him betting and raising, if he’s crazy or not.